Small Scale Brewery Brewing Vegan Beer

A Behind The Scenes Look at BREWING VEGAN BEER

The Process and Ingredients Involved in Brewing Vegan Beer

Brewing vegan beer was once considered a fad. Now they have become part of the fabric of the brewery industry. Sainsbury’s (a UK supermarket) suggested that by 2025 25% of the UK’s population will be vegetarian/vegan. Peter Kaneen has recently set up a microbrewery on the Isle of Man. Peter’s aim was to create a high-quality beer that all drinkers could enjoy (including vegans & vegetarians). This video will take you through the process he uses to create a vegan-friendly beer in his quirky converted car mechanic workshop.

Kaneen's Brewery Owner Peter Kaneen

In this video, Ciara takes you behind the scenes at Kaneen’s Brewery. Ciara will show you how Peter brews his beer, including his processes and the ingredients. The video will take you through;

  • heating the water;
  • adding the grain;
  • measuring the abv (predicting how strong the beer will be);
  • adding the hops;
  • Peter drinking his first pint in an Isle of Man pub.

The thumbnail for the video is me (Ciara) and my two sisters Bronwen & Sinead who are Peter’s three daughters. We are so proud that Peter has got his brewery business to this point. We’re all now looking forward to watching his business grow over the coming years.

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