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Small Brewery.
Big Ideas.

Brewery owner and head brewer Peter Kaneen has the primary aim of creating a high quality beer for all drinkers to enjoy. His first beer Lhune Airh is light, easy to drink , and vegan/vegitarian friendly. 

Our Beer

We use the best natural ingredients to make our vegan beer. 



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Our Story

From mechanic to Passionate Brewer at the age of 59

 Head Brewer and business owner Peter Kaneen fixed cars in a small garage on the Isle of Man. Peter inherited Union Mills Garage from his much-loved father John Kaneen. Roughly four years ago, he bought his first brewing kit to make homemade beer for the family. This spiraled to him attending brew school and applying, to the Isle of Man Small Business Scheme. Peter created his first large-scale brew for his daughter Ciara and Son in Law Phil’s wedding. From there he invested in converting his workshop into a small artisan brewery.

Kaneen's Brewery Owner Peter Kaneen


Cleared using a natural process


Cleared without animal products

Our Brewery

The Home of Quality Beer.
Suitable for Vegan & Vegitarians.

Peter wanted to brew a natural continental style beer. He wanted to create a beer that tasted clean, fresh, and could appeal to a wide range of drinkers. 

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

Hey! Great job on the Kaneen's ale, very nice, lovely scent, and taste.
Male Taster
We've just tried Lhune Airh, absolutely delicious! Well done, perfect pint.
Female Taster
Strong with citrus notes but still a smooth ale. A bit zingy zesty, and a bit moreish!
Female Taster

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